Opinion: Useless Goalkeeper After One Bad Day at The Office?

Mwenya Chibwe

When Hazel Nali conceded a bad goal against Togo, I came here and said even the best goalkeepers make such odd mistakes.
The very next game, Hazel Nali took us to the World Cup.
When David De Gea came to Man United awe sure, Sir Alex Ferguson stuck with him despite bad blunders. Two seasons ago fans called for De Gea to be dropped and replaced by Dean Henderson. Today, De Gea is the best player at United. Dean has been loaned to Nottingham Forest.
Ask Liverpool about Brazil best Becker.
Mwenya Chibwe was horrible in positioning last night especially on the third goal.
Now he’s useless?
We have forgotten that this is the same goalkeeper Bafana Bafana wanted and South African clubs nearly destroyed when he chose us?

Mwenya Chibwe
Yes, he was terrible last night but his mistakes were not costly as we didn’t lose the match.
But it was nerve wracking. It was TAKATAKA goalkeeping.
Let us not forget Senegal still use Juju. I would not discount AKAFIFI.
Do we want to destroy Mwenya Chibwe after one horrible day at the office?
The same goalkeeper we praised in the win over Botswana?
The same goalkeeper we celebrated when he chose us?
Can’t we encourage him and ask him to IMPROVE in his moment of TAKATAKA?
What shall we gain by destroying him when we are in the final?

Musonda Chibulu


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