Nkandu Tells Off Doomsayers to Stop Praying For FAZ Failure

Andrew Kamanga and Elvis Nkandu share moment together

SPORTS Minister Elvis Nkandu has chided the Football Association of Zambia [FAZ] doomsayers to stop wishing the Association failure but instead encourage it to succeed.

“We should not always encourage other people to fail, you need to come together because I believe that a united house will be able to do wonders.”
“This is not about FAZ but this is about people in football you should unite, don’t pray for people to fail, you are not in Cameroon you are Zambians and something that should pre-occupied you mind is to have a positive results.”
“Not praying for someone to fail so that tomorrow you have a reason to say let me get into that position, everything has got its own time.” said Nkandu.


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