Katongo: My Brother Felix Made Me a Better Footballer


CHRISTOPHER Katongo, the 2012 Africa Cup winning captain, has cited his younger brother, Felix, as one of the major influencing factors in him becoming a better footballer.

In his recently published book, The Story Behind the AfCON Victory, Katongo writes that he had to be the best example to his brother and as such he always strove to be exemplary in his conduct both on and off the pitch.

“His presence in football drove a spirit in me that would spur me further,” he writes.

“I wanted to give him hope of a possible career in football. I was motivated further having him on the pitch, because now I was no longer alone, but I had the game trailing in my family – with my brother on the pitch with me, and family as you would understand, means a lot.”

Chris says he has always been close to his brother since childhood.


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