Analysis: How Musonda & Mabika Performed On Debut


After watching the Zambia vs Congo Brazzaville game, you can easily identify the difference regarding the presence of certain players; one in Frankie and the other Mwepu.

Frankie has a personality of Mwepu on the pitch in terms of backing out instructions, as we saw him giving instructions to players in defense with regard to where to pass the ball.

For today I’ll just focus on Aime Mabika and Frankie Musonda, the two are totally different kinds of defenders; for Aime Mabika his more of a defender who seats deep and comes into action only when need arises, his height sends shivers to strikers, he takes time in analyzing the game before coming into action.

He seems slow thus explains why he rarely ventured forward cause he understood the concept of being caught in pace. He marshaled the defense well and needs some game time to fully gel with the team.

For Frankie Musonda, he seems like a naturally born leader, his understanding with Aime Mabika allowed him to slightly venture forward and get into the thick of things, was composed the whole time and kept backing instructions to the defense and Toaster, for followers of the Scottish league you’ll realize that it’s kind of physical and tough that explains his physical aspect of defending, he also decided to venture upfront to score a header from a Rodrick Kabwe set-piece.

The level of his intelligence on the ball is amazing and his playing style is kind of that of Italian legend Paolo Maldini, for now all we can do is to continue supporting the two boys as they continue to gel and represent our country.

Where credit is due it’s important to acknowledge it, Football Association of Zambia team, staff and Mr. Kamanga have done an amazing job in scouting these lads, we hope they continue to add more smiles on our faces.

Chitiya Phiri


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