Kamanga: It’s Not Easy to De-Link League from FAZ

Andrew Kamanga

FOOTBALL Association of Zambia (FAZ) president Andrew Kamanga has admitted that the process of de-linking the league from Football House has not been easy.
For years, FAZ has been trying to implement a process that will see the league being run indirectly from the secretariat at Football House.
The Association some years back started the process and even appointed a Zambia premier league interim manager in Brian Mulenga but the process is yet to hit full implementation.

FAZ is currently hosting officials from European football mother body UEFA who are taking club officials through a workshop on de-linking.

“The process has not been plain sailing but with interactions like this, I have no doubt that we will eventually get this process off the ground. We can only dream of greater success if we are willing to painfully take hard decisions made through informed positions,” Kamanga stated.

He hoped that knowledge gained from the workshop would give clubs a full understanding of what is required to undertake the process.

“There is no better way than making a decisionin the light of information. Our partnership with UEFA has borne discernible fruits in the short time that it has existed. We must be willing to embrace the high demands of professionalism that is required of a fully independent league. I am glad UEFA has given our members an opportunity to fully interrogate this process,” he said.

“Most often it has been a subject that has been loudly discussed with not so much comprehension. Our members will know from here that it is a process that they must wholly own for it to succeed.”

This is the second workshop UEFA is conducting in Zambia.

Last year, UEFA took FAZ executive committee members and secretariat staff on various governance issues that culminated in refining
the contract of agreed objectives between FAZ and UEFA.
“Through this partnership, we have already benefitted from a quantum bus and equipment for the FAZ media office. The support this year was of an even greater dimension as all 18 super league clubs were gathered at Golden Peacock and given an opportunity to interrogate the pros and cons of league independence,” said

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