WATCH: Video Shows Sikazwe’s Stop Watch Error

Janny in confrontation with Tunisian Coach

TOP referee Janny Sikazwe’s stopwatch was ahead by a full ten minutes as seen in the 79th minute when he indicated 5 minutes of additional time to the 4th official.

That means at that particular moment his stopwatch was showing 90 minutes instead of 80. So when he blew the final whistle in the 85th minute, his stopwatch was showing 95 minutes.

When he restarted the match, Janny must have believed that he got his timing wrong for additional minutes only. This was probably due to poor communication between himself and the other officials as evidenced by the fact that the fourth official was about to raise his board for additional time when Janny blew the final whistle for the second time.

At the time Janny blew the final whistle to end the match prematurely for the second time, his stopwatch was showing 100 minutes of play! Why was this not corrected the first time it was noticed that he had ended the match on 85 minutes?

It has however been established that Sikazwe suffered from heatstroke.

Some excerpts by Mutheliso Phiri


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