Player Ratings: Zambia Vs Mauritania

Roderick Kabwe chases the ball in a bid to defend

Here is a opinionated analysis of how the Zambian national team players fared in a 2-1 win away to Mauritania.

1. Mwenya Chibwe..(8/10):
The goal keeper was the best player on the pitch. He was able to clear most of the crosses and set pieces that came his way .However his positioning for the goal he consider was very poor.
3. Benedict Chepeshi(5/10)
The defender was quite for the most part of the game. Because his flank wasn’t exploited much. but when it came for him to do the needful he did just fine in defending and clearing the lines expect for one or two mistakes

Zambian players celebrate goal

13. Roderick Kabwe(5/10):
The defender started the game on a Good note with good defending and helping the team going forward .However his set pieces and passes were poor and as the game went on his defending became very pathetic which gave away a goal to Mauritania scoring

15. Dominic Chanda(6/10):

The defender performed average for the first part of the game however in the second half of the game his defence left much to be desired leaving spaces if Mauritania was clinical they could have scored more than one goal.
Zambia National Team
5.Solomon Sakala(4/10): the boy was under pressure after the yellow card and became afraid to fight of getting a red card he left much spaces in the defense together with he’s partner Chanda.
21. Boyd Musonda(3/10):
He was quite for most part of the game. As a holding midfielder he could not help the team going forward aswell as in defence…he was the worst player on the field as he was a ghost player.
14. Edward Chilufya(6/10):he made some good runs here and there and had some opportunities to score however his finishing was poor aswell as some of his passes.
10. Prince Mumba(6/10):
The only reason he has been rated a bit higher is because of his goal however he was silent through out the game and lost the ball for most part of the game 20. Patson Daka (5/10): he was quite for most part of the game and was caught offside on a number of occasions . the midfielders were not feeding him the ball how ever his pass was crucial and gave Zambia a second
Chipolopolo players battle Mauritanian
11. Enock Mwepu (c)(7/10):
He scored the opening goal of the game and helped out the team in defence for most part of the game dint help much in attack .he presented some leadership quality as the captain .some of his passes were being intercepted which isn’t what we know him for the computer failed to read the game .
8. Lubambo Musonda(7/10) he was the best player for Zambia today in attack he presented clean passes ,his speed and dribbling gave the opposition some trouble However he wasn’t delivering crosses into the 18 yard and was holding on to the ball for too long.

Beston Chamneshi (4/10):He selected the team but the team lacked tactics and technically he definitely needs to do more as a coach.
Spencer Sautu (6/10) The Prince of Choma was energetic when he came in and consolidated well to help Benedict Chepeshi defend. He later fizzled out.
Benson Sakala (6/10): ‘America’ brought stability in the middle of the pack when he came in for Boyd Musonda.

Zambian players look on as Mauritanian midfielder marshals for the ball
Dickson Chapa (6/10) His introduction and that of Benson Sakala brought stability in middle of the pack which already had a tired Mwepu.

However, Zambia must work hard against Tunisia at Levy Mwanawasa stadium in Ndola on Tuesday in match day two.


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