Nkandu’s PR Stunt Fails, Confirms ‘..he Wants Great Kalu at FAZ’

Elvis Nkandu

New sports Ministers Elvis Nkandu’s sentiment of wanting Zambian Football icon Kalusha Bwalya back at Football House has backfired with many pouring scone on the Minister.

In a bid to quell the condemnation, Nkandu writes;

It has come to my attention that there is a reported statement circulating on some media platforms in which I am reported to have said “Mr. Andrew Kamanga’s led FAZ administration need help from Mr. Kalusha Bwalya’s football experience.” And some media sections have interpreted the statement into me having the intention to bring Kalu at the helm of FAZ.

Well, I wish to categorically state that during the said interview at no point did I mention that our Ministry under my leadership will bring back Mr. Kalusha Bwalya at the helm of FAZ instead I only mentioned Kalu as an example of the many experienced soccer icons we have in the country.

Moreover, it is not within my jurisdiction as Minister to impose anyone at the helm of FAZ but instead the football stakeholders.

To be clear, the point I was trying to put across was that there is a need to bring onboard specialists experienced sportspersons not only in football but in all the sports disciplines so that we begin the discussion on how best we can enhance the poor performance and standards of sports such as Tennis, Rugby, Golf, Boxing, Swimming, Judo, basketball, Badminton among other sporting activities in all the ten provinces.

Contrary to the interpretation of the reported statement by some sections of the media.

Let me take this opportunity to also explicitly state and assure the nation that at no point our Ministry under my leadership will it meddle itself in the management of the affairs of all the sports disciplines. Like it happened in the past.

The government through our Ministry will be more focused and committed to providing sound leadership and fair support to all the sports associations. And as I assume my duties as Minister in charge I am looking forward to meeting all the associations.

Thank you!

Hon. Elvis Nkandu, MP
Minister of Youth and Sport

And renowned music producer DJ Mzengaman analysed Nkandu’s PR stunt that “I just read what you have posted. And i have compared it to what was being circulated. Indeed, no one mis quoted you SIR. Everything is as it is.

Let it be a lesson to you all that people are now very enlightened and sensitive. Lets be very cautious before making any statements. Any governments ln power at this time of the generation in Zambia must be very critical and analytical before saying or doing a thing. People really know alot and have all the abilities to grasp and interpret anything. Thats why it was even hard for PF to pull through because generally banthu menso niyoseguka…

It wouldnt be wise for ministers to be going back to their statements to categorically clarify and clear themselves. Some mistakes are typically avoidable. Let them make pronouncements or statements only when they are very sure about what they want to say putting in mind peoples reactions. We are living in a world were everyone is actually held accountable for what ever they say especially OUR LEADERS.

#cautous is the word.”


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