FAZ CEO Tells Off Sports Minister ‘Stop Being Anarchist’

Adrian Kashala - The FAZ CEo

FOOTBALL Association of Zambia (FAZ) general secretary says the newly appointed sports minister Elvis Nkandu should not bring down football by ‘fighting’ FAZ.

Under the PF administration, government wasted time fighting the Andrew Kamanga-led FAZ executive by trying to bring back Kalusha Bwalya at Football House.

And in his first interview with the media, Nkandu immediately indicated that he would like to see Kalusha being brought back in football matters, a statement that has put him in bad light with the public.

The public view him as another minister who seeks to continue fighting the association at the expense of football development.

Elvis Nkandu
In an interview with the Mast Sport, the current football misfortunes can be attributed to lack of support from the previous government.

“The issue of Kulusha Bwalya is dead and buried. Kulusha went to court using his people and we are not going to entertain that. These were the same people (Kalusha) who called us to be UPND, how can they come to UPND again?’’ he asked. ‘’We believe these are PF guys and should stay in their lane. The issue of Kalusha is dead and buried and we are not going to bring the dead back. Football was suffering because we had no support from government; they were busy looking at an individual not the institution and football is not played by an individual, it’s

Kalusha Bwalya
team work.”
Kashala explained that FAZ has invited Kalusha several times but that the football legend has always refused.
“So, if people believe that Kalusha Bwalya is the only missionary who has that charm let him leave that charm to us, we shall use it properly. But if they believe he has skill he can…but we have been inviting Kalusha Bwalya to come but has been refusing, so who chased him? No one chased him he just lost an election,” Kashala added.

He said the association could not be going back and forth on the same issue which was done away with.
Kashala said the minister should instead let football win this time.

FAZ Boss Andrew Kamanga

“It’s like saying we want the past government to remain in power; it’s like him saying he wants the former minister Emmanuel Mulenga to continue for him to work. All these things are the same and isolate football and say no, this one has to be there. Then we should also call back the former minister to help run the ministry, we can’t be going back and forth on the same issue,” said Kashala. “Some of us we were called to be UPND. They retired us and sent security agencies to have us arrested just because they wanted to pave way for Kulusha Bwalya. And you want to bring those things back because someone in office is a friend to Kalusha Bwalya? It’s not the matter of being a friend, the minister should provide oversight roles, he should not side with an individual.”
But Nkandu u-turned and said it was not within his jurisdiction to bring Kalusha back into football circles again.
In his Facebook post, Nkanda said at no time did he mention in an interview that the ministry would bring back Kalusha to FAZ.

“It has come to my attention that there is a reported statement circulating on some media platforms in which I am reported to have said ‘Mr. Andrew Kamanga’s led FAZ administration need help from Mr. Kalusha Bwalya’s football experience.’ And some media sections have interpreted the statement into me having the intention to bring Kalu at the helm of FAZ,” said Nkandu. “Well, I wish to categorically state that during the said interview at no point did I mention that our Ministry under my leadership will bring back Mr. Kalusha Bwalya at the helm of FAZ instead I only mentioned Kalu as an example of the many experienced soccer icons we have in the country. Moreover, it is not within my jurisdiction as Minister to impose anyone at the helm of FAZ but instead the football stakeholders.”


  1. Ba FAZ it’s your arrogance that has made fail lamentably not the Government. You’ve already started fighting the minister and you expect him to support you shame on you. You now even afraid of your own shadows, no matter what you do your days are numbered at FAZ.

  2. This arrogance is alarming…what kind of nonsense is this, what have you guys a bunch of greedy and selfish leaders done ayi…..you have just brought pain and shame, the people are losing interest in football now…..pave way for others you have failed


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